Our Vision: to multiply followers of Jesus who are rooted, growing and bearing fruit by cultivating environments of transformation.

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Our worship gatherings have been rich, creative opportunities to engage each other and engage God through Word, sacrament and song.  We have had lively conversations, asked tough questions, shared personal struggles and successes.  We've prayed for and with each other.  We've sung great songs, old and new, and left with their tunes stuck in our heads for days.

We've dug into God's Word, looking for guidance and power to live the life God is calling us to live.  We've read through the entire Bible and also enjoyed creative series like The Gospel According to Pixar, Old School (Creed and Catechism) and The Hero's Journey (Star Wars).  

We've come to the table each week at Christ's gracious invitation, acknowledging that we have a need that only Jesus can fill, receiving the grace of God as we remember what Christ has done for us, acknowledge His presence with us now through the Holy Spirit and anticipate the coming age where all that is wrong is made right, all that is broken is made whole, all that is empty is filled and every hunger and thirst is satisfied at the wedding feast of the Lamb. 

We may no longer be gathering for The Feast (our weekly worship gathering), but God is still available and calls us to stay rooted through habits like Bible reading and through transforming relationships, including connecting with other local church bodies.  


Staying Rooted in God's Word:  Reading the Bible for Transformation

I.  Listen to the Story - What is God saying in the text?

     Identify the genre, context, author/audience and key themes/words of the text.

II. Reflect on the Story - What is God saying to me?

     How does this speak into what is happening in my life right now?

     Pay attention to what surprises, confuses, angers, or even upsets you.

III.  Live into the story - How is God calling me to respond?

     How will this change how I view myself and God?

     How will I live differently after reading this?


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